About the author

First published at the age of eight, Nammie Matthews enjoys writing in a variety of media, accompanying such works with photography, paintings or digital imagery.

She has travelled extensively for her relatively short lifetime, most recently a 9-month round the world trip covering 13 cities where she discovered a passion for documenting her adventures while she worked to understand the world we live in.

Things she likes most: L’aduree macarons; her dog, Tillie; Kikki.K stationery; old books; British kitsch; face-to-face conversation; Photoshop; unusual food; everything Charlie Brooker has ever said or done; live music; Wes Anderson movies; Kate Spade New York; flight landings; rail travel.

Things she likes least: Empty ink cartridges; empty coffee cups; Heat magazine; take offs; Westernisation in beautiful countries; daytime TV.

Nammie can currently be found studying for a BA (Hons) in Travel Journalism at the University of Brighton, where she writes for the student magazine, The Verse.

A full portfolio of published works can be found here.

For more information/commissions, drop an email to nammie.matthews@gmail.com


4 thoughts on “About the author

  1. I went to Reykjavík last May – Iceland’s one of my favourite ever countries now. You will love it! I have lots of Reykjavik posts on my blog if you care to have a goosey gander

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